Mastering Your Golf Grip: Better Control with Finger Dominance


The grip is a critical element of your golf swing that greatly affects your control and accuracy. By prioritizing finger dominance in your grip, you can achieve better control over the clubface throughout your swing. In this guide, we’ll explore how to optimize your grip for improved performance on the golf course.

1. Emphasize Finger Dominance:

Place greater emphasis on using your fingers to grip the golf club rather than relying on the palm. This technique enhances your ability to control the clubface, resulting in more accurate and consistent shots.

2. Left Hand Placement (for right-handed golfers):

– Position the club handle diagonally across the fingers of your left hand.

– Wrap your fingers around the handle, creating a secure grip.

– The pad at the base of your left thumb should rest on the side of the grip.

3. Right Hand Placement:

– Grip the club handle with your right hand, ensuring it aligns below the left hand.

– Interlock the pinky finger of your right hand with the index and middle finger of your left hand.

   (Note: Another grip style is the overlapping grip, where the pinky finger of the right hand rests on top of the index and middle finger of the left hand. Choose the grip style that feels most comfortable and provides optimal control for your swing.)

– Wrap your right hand around the handle, maintaining finger dominance.

Key Points to Remember:

– Maintain a firm grip without excessive tension in your fingers.

– Keep consistent finger contact with the grip throughout your swing for better control.

– Avoid excessive palm pressure, as it can restrict clubface movement.

– Practice your grip at the driving range and seek feedback from a golf professional at SOLID Golf to ensure proper technique.


Elevate your golf game by optimizing your grip technique with a focus on finger dominance. By emphasizing finger contact over palm contact, you can enhance control over the clubface and achieve better accuracy and consistency in your shots. Remember that grip preference can vary among golfers, so choose the grip style that feels most comfortable and allows you to maintain control effectively. Regular practice and guidance from a golf professional will help you refine your grip and unlock your true potential on the course. Start incorporating finger dominance into your grip today and witness the positive impact on your golf swing.

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